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Locked In Band

Platinum Ring with Diamond - Locked In Band: Like linking padlocks, this band boasts six round bezel-set gems joined by links pave-set with 48 small round gems.

Starry Night Band - So Pretty!

Starry Night Band - 14K Rose Gold Ring with Sapphire

Rose Gold Ring with London Blue Topaz & Sapphire - Starry Night Band: Seven gems, like the first stars of the evening, sparkle in this elegantly streamlined band.


Our contemporary Infinity birthstone engagement rings and wedding bands feature two pear birthstones creating an infinity symbol

Peridot, Blue Sapphire, Amythest.

Footlights Band - Palladium Ring with Blue Topaz

Palladium Ring with Blue Topaz - Footlights Band: Nine gems arc across the finger in this sleek bezel-set band.

Peridots are gorgeous. I'd LOVE this as an anniversary gift. (Hint, hint- Those who know P should let him know, lol.)

Cushion-Cut Candace Ring (8mm gem) - Cushion Peridot Sterling Silver Ring with White Sapphire

Peridot = my birthstone :) Pretty, pretty peridot! Cecilia Ring, Cushion Peridot White Gold Ring with Diamond from

Spiral Pendant

Spiral Pendant - 14K White Gold Necklace with Diamond

White Gold Necklace with Diamond - Spiral Pendant: Inspired by the poetry of the Nautilus shell, this classic spiral pendant has a timeless appeal.

14K White Gold Ring with Blue Topaz

White Gold Ring with Blue Topaz & Diamond - Desert Bloom Band: Inspired by the lovely asymmetry of a cactus in bloom, this band ring is both organic and elegant.

Majesty Ring Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Round Amethyst Palladium Ring with Diamond - Majesty Ring: Regal and classic, this ring highlights a round brilliant gem centered among 16 round accent stones.

Mackenzie Ring $1650.

Mackenzie Ring - Round Iolite Palladium Ring with White Sapphire and Iolite

Round Iolite Palladium Ring with White Sapphire and Iolite - Mackenzie Ring: With a wide band covered in brilliant gem pave, this ring stops traffic.

Round Diamond 14K Rose Gold Ring with Diamond | Jillian Ring | Gemvara

Round London Blue Topaz Platinum Ring with Diamond - Jillian Ring: A dual-encrusted band parts as it reaches the ring's peak, beautifully enhancing the sparkling center gemstone.

Round Red #Garnet, #Multi-stone, Prong Set #Ring in #Palladium  #Jewelry http://blingterest.com/rings/multi-stone-rings/round-red-garnet-multi-stone-prong-set-ring-in-palladium-3080943-jewelry/

Round Diamond Palladium Ring with Diamond - Primrose Ring: Romantic primroses add dimension to the sides of this ring. Delicate details are accented by brilliant gemstones that trace a halo around the center stone and continue down each side.

Enrapture Ring

Cushion Rhodolite Garnet White Gold Ring with White Sapphire - Enrapture Ring: A stunning cushion-cut gem of impressive proportions crowns an airy setting.

This is the mother ring I want!!

10K White Gold Twin Hearts with Center Bezel Ring

The Acadia Ring customized in amethyst and rose gold.

Emerald-Cut Amethyst Rose Gold Ring - Acadia Ring: Lovely scrolled forms embrace a dramatic emerald-cut gemstone in this lovely vintage-inspired design.