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Some words of goddamn wisdom - Album on Imgur

Some words of goddamn wisdom

21 Analogies So Accurate About Life, No One In The World Can Disagree With Them

Oh to dream

So thankful to have finally found my warrior after falling for the shiny armor for far too long!

(You deserve the summer off.....) why it always ticks me off when people make comments about teachers ONLY working 9 months of the year...

Teaching: 65 hours per week for 36 weeks equals 2340 work hours. Other jobs: 40 per week for 52 weeks equals 2080 work hours. So, I deserve the summer off. Any other questions? For all my teacher friends!


Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Gervais. Please stop asking me why I make fun of religion. I've told you so many times: because it's fucking mental.