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VMT-Atlant, Myasishchev, 3M, Bison, soviet bomber, carrier plane

Details of the transport plane VMT Atlant, its history, its possibilities.

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Profils aviation - Camouflage : Décals et documentation avions d'occasion

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Taking off and landing on a Russian multi-role aircraft carrier

WW2  - aircraft id card, B-17 by x-ray delta one, via Flickr

long range bomber "The Flying Fortress". Historic poster showing major identifying features of the WWII long range bomber. Originally published by the U.

Aircraft graveyard, Russia

Abandoned aircraft and plane graveyards exist across the world, from the plane boneyard of Davis-Monthan AFB to abandoned Soviet MiGs in Iraq and Russia.

3 проекції АН-124

3 проекції АН-124

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The largest transport plane in the world remains the Antonov shown here on June 2001 at the Paris Air Show.