~please full view i& in Disney-princess mood lately~ ^^ i was experimenting with my toony style a bit and i wanted to try to draw my fav princess Belle in it.

Belle and the Beast/Adam

🎶 Beauty and the Beast 🎵can't read those words without singing it!

I was thinking of putting Belle with her horse Philippe but I really liked the annoying sheep eating her books in the movie. Little Belle

Jasmine by on @deviantART

~please full view here is the in my Disney Princess series, Aurora. i had a lot of fun drawing her in this style. ^^ i think the backgrounds are really characteristic in the movie, so i w.

Although Cinderella is my favorite Disney Princess of all time, I resemble Belle the most..... Not too shabby haha

I got Belle, which isn't surprising considering beauty and the beast is my favorite Disney movie. Which Disney Princess are You?