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Parents in dark about unlicensed daycare, survey suggests

Many parents using unlicensed daycare facilities are in the dark about their provider's qualifications, a CBC Marketplace survey suggests.

The kids don’t play any more

The kids don’t play any more - The Globe and Mail Kids need to play to grow, we are harming them by structuring their lives too much and keeping them inside.

Nhận gia sư lớp 9 tại nhà Hà Nội

60 Homemade Presents-Baby Shower. Have seen and probably pinned several of these but now they're in one place :) might have to try doing some of these for baby shower gifts

Why It is Important for Teachers to Understand Child Development Stages

Five great reasons why your kids should play more

Liven up your child's summer birthday bash with a healthy dose of activity - The Globe and Mail

Nâng cao chất lượng của giáo dục mầm non?


Turning the tables on unchecked food industry advertising means using some of the same tactics.

Morning Circle Time Interactive

Dresden Shumaker writes of raising a boy within the princess culture, and raises the question, "Is girl power hurting our boys?" In the Princess Culture series on The Good Life.

Unlicensed daycares operate free from oversight

Unlicensed daycares operate free from oversight. The majority of Canadian children can't get into licensed child care.

Choose your parents wisely

The Economist l Choose your parents wisely: There is a large class divide in how Americans raise their children. Rich parents can afford to ease up a bit; poor parents need help