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Good thing i rarely drink it then!

Super random, I know, but I wanna try it. =)

Super random, I know, but I wanna try it.

Psycho Factz

Had no idea

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hmm have to try it...

Excellent tidbit of info for the klutzes among us!

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psychofactz:  More Facts on Psychofacts :)

According to myself, the perfect nap lasts as long as I want it to

so this is why I can bump into a pillow and be in pain and my girlfriends can repeatedly punch themselves in the boob because they think it's funny? not fair!


it's called valentines day

Random Facts Psychofactz Izard Izard Izard Izard potter (I have no idea if this is true, but Iike it).

Random #Fact...I'm gonna start #brushing my #teeth with the other hand from now…

Random Fact I'm gonna start brushing my teeth with the other hand from now on ^_^. Hmm worth a try if I don't gag myself and throw up

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This is the cure for hiccups!

It's called pressure and suction people.


Well this could explain why I have them so often.

I did not know this, but i tend to bite my lip during stressful situations.

My poor lip suffers for a good cause

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wait this doesn't count as premeditated right?