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GYPSET inspiration

For the gypsy themed V magazine upcoming photo shoot, Kate spent two days with a group of travellers.

Gypsy's but not Tramps and Thieves! The true story of my life with the #Gypsies! Well my mother always said if I was bad the gypsys would take me away! So I must have been very very bad!!

Gypsy's but not Tramps and Thieves

English Gypsy caravan, Gypsy Wagon, Gypsy Waggon and Vardo: Photograph Gallery 1

Loving this! The exterior color is perfect. :)

This one is an Irish gypsy wagon! Cool :) My roots are as Irish Gypsy's. OK that does explain alot.

Gypsy wagon

Traditional English horse-drawn Showman's Wagon: By Anguskirk Maybe Guesthouse

Gypsy Purple: Gypsy says: You have to see this....

Caravans as they are called by European Gaje' (non-Rom).In Romany culture,their houses are called Vardos.Just as the people are called Rom or Roma depending on their gender.

Gypsy caravan

A typical Romani bow top wagon, so called because of its light-weight canvas top. This type of wagon was originally used in hilly regions, being light and easy to manoeuvre. Bow top wagons are still built today, especially in the North of England.

These fairytale caravans make me think of the three bears--each living in a private vardo.

Move Over, Moats. This Is The Newest 'Thing' To Strike Wealthy Homeowners' Fancy

I've been a gypsy all my life. My gypsy home doesn't quite look this adorable;

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Image result for old gypsy wagons