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yama-bato2: “ ©yama-bato & BIS,2013 ”

yama-bato2: “ ©yama-bato & BIS,2013 ”

s h a d e s o f g r e y

"Petal Veins" by Shoshannah White Wabi-Sabi: beauty in the transient nature of…

NYC’s Busy Streets, Photoshopped Into Beautiful Desolation | WIRED

New York City Is Dirty and Crowded. This Photographer Makes All That Go Away

Marc Yankus is a talented fine art photographer and artist, who uses digital mediums to create mixed media. His dreamlike portraits of New York City buildings straddle a fine line between documenta…

Photojournalism Project

Element of Design: Color - Foothill Technology High School: Visual Art

Chaharmohal Va Bakhtiari, Iran                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

What an image! Photo intitulée "The wedding night" de Mohammadreza Momeni - Sar Agha Seyed Village, Zagros Mountains Iran - April 2013