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Go to a Bastille concert (again)

Go to a Bastille concert (again)

Bastille's Rousing Glastonbury 2016 Set In Pictures | NME.COM

Bastille's Rousing Glastonbury 2016 Set In Pictures

Bastille playing Glastonbury in NME is known for providing huge coverage of big festivals in the UK (Mainly Glastonbury and Reading) PHOTOGRAPHIC

√4.24.14 Went to my first concert by The NBHD with some friends. We made t-shirts hehe. It was uptown in Aragon Ballroom. We were in middle of crowd. Kinda far from stage. I remember the smell of weed someone snuck in. A girl fainted and was dragged to the side. Someone spilled beer on my leather jacket. Encore song was Afraid. Pizza in car afterwards at about midnight

Attend a Concert - COMPLETE! Saw Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour on June By far that was the best concert I've ever seen!

Bucket List / Bucket List. Before I Die. | One Direction. Get to in a couple of months!!!! ♥♥♥

[✔️] saw my favorite band live. (I've been very fortunate - I've seen a lot of incredible artists / bands live in concert) etc.