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Peacock, Sarasota Photograph by Phil Pummell, My Shot I found this peacock last April while touring downtown Sarasota, Florida. (This photo and caption were submitted to My Shot.

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#AMAZING-GIF-WHITE-PEACOCK-BEAUTIFUL-VIEW  #MAJESTIC-BEAUTY-OF-INDIAN-WHITE-PEACOCK  ••••DESCRIPTION••••  •••••Peacock is a very beautiful bird. I... - Yɑʍɛɛռɑɑ AђʍɛԀ - Google+

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Albino and Half-Albino Peacocks Are Simply Stunning (Photos) : TreeHugger

Albino peacocks are simply stunning (photos)

White peacock

This beauty is a recessive trait caused by defective genes not being able to produce melanin (a type of pigment), causing an absence of color in features.

White Peacock.

White Peacock.

Incredible beauty

Peacock is a very beautiful bird it look heavenly. Here we have photos of beautiful peacocks including white peacocks which are looking picturesque and

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Amazing compilation of beautiful exotic birds. Amazing compilation of beautiful exotic birds.

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When we lived in Tennessee years ago, we had many animals--including a white peacock that would come spread those beautiful white feathers in front of my kitchen window every day.

Is this a feather from an angel touched by the dew of heaven or from the water of the Spirit?

Misty Morning : Photographic Print of a feather heavy with numerous misty dew drops, high contrast in tones of gray, white, blue & black

Beautiful Peacock

Peacocks are stunning birds I photo by Jason Busch I Blue Color Palette Inspiration