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My dad is my coach, and our whole team (plus parents) know when he's mad at us because he squats down and starts pulling the grass up!

Awwwww :)

anyone wanna give me a nickname? I love nicknames it makes me feel special

It's usaully the second one...

Teenager Posts <-- Teenage posts are so accurate an I'm not even an adult!

I say this all the time! Or at least confess their feelings, good or bad, so we're not constantly worrying

Teenager Post Girls have periods, cramps, babies and everything else. The least a guy could do is text us first.

True that!

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Ummmmm.....Nicole and Christian. Bahahahah

and softball. they really do stink and my parents roll down the windows awesome hope 4 the best

Running Humor #142 Exhausted after 100m. That's cute.

As a sprinter and a long distance runner. Distance runners don't know sprinter life. It is as hard as a distance race. We both put the same effort into different races. Distance people just spread it out farther.

I've seen this before when I was small and I still got it lol

I found this rly funny. If u find u will get it. Hint: the word isn't girl it is some singer

Hahaha very true

More like a mom post than a teenager post, absolutely know who is who just by their footsteps.

Im an idiot. I thought it was the missing zero in the beginning but the i read the comments and face palmed

Find the mistake

I looked at the numbers about five time till I noticed that was the wrong thing to be looking at 😅

Very true! Enough said!

Soccer was my life I currently am unable to play for the time being cause I'm going on my fifth knee surgery but I will never give up not with this passion

there are 2 types of girls - girls  who play soccer, and girls who don't have a life   -By Me #soccerquotes #soccerlife

there are 2 types of girls - girls who play soccer, and girls who don't have a life -By Me #soccerquotes #soccerlife