Diana the huntress, Fresco. Pompeii, Italy. 1st century A.D.

ancient Roman fresco depicting the goddess Diana, the huntress, recovered from Vesuvian ash in Stabiae; she holds her symbolic attributes of a bow and arrow.

Pintura romana

Roman Frescos Excavated From Pompeii & Herculaneum -- Museo Archeologico Nazionale -- Naples.

Woman seated beneath a coffered ceiling, 1st century BCE-1st century CE, Stabiae, Villa Arianna, fresco, 53 x 49 cm, Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Napoli e Pompei, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, Photography © Luciano Pedicini.

silezukuk: “Woman seated beneath a coffered ceiling, century century AD, Stabiae, Villa Arianna, fresco [The Power of the Hellenistic Influence on the Roman Villas of Pompeii] ”

Roman fresco detail with bird and fruit, Villa of Livia, Prima Porta | by raggi di sole

Roman Fresco -- 'Villa di Livia di Prima Porta' -- Century -- House likely named for Emperor Augustus' Wife, Livia Drusilla, & a portion of her wedding dowry.

Pompeii Fresco...one of my favorite paintings. ever. Wish I could find a nicely priced laminated copy!!

The Goddess Flora Picking Flowers by the Sea (fresco found in the ruins of Pompeii).

Pintura de la antigua Roma, Casa de Livia, Detalle de especies animales y vegetales

lemon tree from the garden fresco of the Villa Livia, Rome century) - (paintandpattern)

Fresco Pompeii, Italy  The Villa of Mysteries a must see. Is it pagan or Christian? You decide.

Etruscan girls fresco at The Villa of Mysteries Pompeya. Note face and movement.

Падение Икара. Помпеи

The Fall of Icarus. Fresco from triclinium at corner North-West of Atrium , House of the Priest Amandus, Ancient Pompeii , Italy ;

Villa di Catullo (Roman fresco)  Landscape of a fishing scene

Villa di Catullo (Roman fresco) Landscape with a fishing and a sailing scene