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peacock spider -- not a big fan of spiders; however, this is quite an interesting little creature.

O fotógrafo e entomologista Jurgen Otto registrou em uma série, espécimes desta variedade exótica, resultado de incursões pelos parques e florestas de Sydney, cidade da Austrália. More

maratus volans - a aranha pavão

The Peacock spider (Maratus volans) a species of jumping spider native to eastern Australia. Only in length, it is only the males that have this bright colouring. -- just like real male peacocks!

Peacock spider, Maratus volans

While walking around the bush in Australia, entomologist Jurgen Otto took these beautiful photos of Peacock Spiders performing their awesome little mating rituals, trying to woo female spiders without becoming their lunch instead.

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Spiny orb-weavers is a common name for Gasteracantha, a genus of spiders. They are also commonly called Spiny-backed orb-weavers, due to the prominent spines on their abdomen.

peacock spider Maratus speciosus by Jurgen Otto, via Flickr

The brightly decorated peacock spider, Maratus speciosus, uses colour to show off to the female of the species. The tiny spiders are only about four to five millimeters in length.

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You may not know it, but your plush Giant Isopod dreams of having a friend and that friend is this awesome plush Tardigrade. Tardigrades, also known as “water bears” or “moss piglets,” are microscopic.

Spider-peacock (Maratus volans)

“Male peacock spiders dance & raise a colourful flap to attract mates.

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The Featured Creature — Rainbow Jumping Spider, Maratus robinsoni.

There is no such thing as a Tarentule albinos or albino tarantula. or any cute spider for that matter.

Amaranthine ~ looks like a starling to me; just thought I would throw this beautiful bird in with these gorgeous colors.  with <3 from JDzigner. www.jdzigner.com

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This is a stunning caramel brown master bedroom. The cream furniture, linens, rug, curtains make the space seem light and airy.