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Polar Bear Chacha

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Fiona and her cub..... Marisa and by creativethursday,

Fiona and her cub. Marisa and by creativethursday,

no one told him the ice ended there haha

A Wet Polar Bear Sticks His Head up Above the Ice Photographic Print by Paul Nicklen

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For a few weeks every year the fireweed blooms on the coastal flats near Churchill Manitoba. This is at about the same time the last ice has melted in Hudson Bay, forcing the Polarbears to swim.

The polar bear can dance

Funny pictures about This polar bear can dance. Oh, and cool pics about This polar bear can dance. Also, This polar bear can dance.

Playful: This images of male polar bears play fighting at Cape Churchill, Canada, is among 40 selected for a 'green auction' today

Nature's best: The natural environment's greatest ever images brought to together for 'green auction'

A collection of 40 nature images, including dancing polar bears, tortoises gathered at dawn and a thresher shark caught in a fishing net will be sold in New York to mark Earth Day.

Close up of a Polar bear on sea ice floating off the coast of Svalbard in search of seals, Norway, Europe. by Steven Kazlowski

The polar bear spends its life on the Arctic sea ice where it hunts, lives, and breeds. Unfortunately, the sea ice is melting at an unprecedented rate.

Polar bear - adorable cub...  #polarbears  Visit our page here: http://what-do-animals-eat.com/polar-bears/

Tomorrow im jumping into a (semi) frozen lake to raise money for the special olympics♥

Bears love to hug each other almost as much as I wish I could hug them. Almost. #polarbears Visit our page here: http://what-do-animals-eat.com/polar-bears/

Today: Animals displaying affection, a huge shark, and sci-fi motorbike leathers.

Vicks, the swimming polar bear cub by Martien Uiterweerd

Vicks, the swimming polar bear cub from Foto Martien. I just think this is a cool picture. It's like he's doing the dead man float!