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Funny pictures about Badass Maggie Smith. Oh, and cool pics about Badass Maggie Smith. Also, Badass Maggie Smith.

KhadeCreativa.com Harry Potter Quiet Book source by :http://pinterest.com/pin/48484133461013019/

Harry Potter Quiet Book - awesome, except why are we dressing Hermione? So sexist. She should be doing awesome spells, studying in the library, turning back time etc.

Harry Potter has probably taught me more that school has. Just saying!

Day 33: Life lessons we learned from Harry Potter

Collection of best quotes from Harry Potter series.We have gathered some of the best quotation from Harry Potter books which you can find here.

lol @Fiona Pelkie

Funny pictures about Best face expressions. Oh, and cool pics about Best face expressions. Also, Best face expressions.

After Hogwarts - (How can Malfoy be a banker, I know he can be quite horrible, but he's no goblin!!!

Someone added Neville and Luna! Though I prefer the one with Healer Malfoy instead of Banker Malfoy--I like to think that he wanted to redeem himself by doing good.

Harry Potter isn't just for kids.

If you still think the Harry Potter books are still for kids, then I have serious doubts whether you can actually read. Only Trix are for kids.

Hahahaaa this just made my entire day! I love James' cheeky grin and Bonnie's exasperated/amused expression.

Hahahaaa this just made my entire day! I love James' cheeky grin and Bonnie's exasperated/amused expression.<< They are their characters. Bonnie's used to James and Oliver's antics, just like Ginny was used to Fred and George's

When we realized that it was over—no more movies, no more books—the fandom kind of went insane.

We even made Death Eater cupcakes! They taste like strawberry and death. So funny!


thelovelycaptainjaneway: Billboard in my hometown of Florence, SC honoring Alan Rickman << That is beautiful.<<<<<<wow << THIS HURTS

Lily Potter from Harry Potter series

Remus Lupin

She can't help that. She would just be a lonely painting since no one painted James and the Snape painting would just be annoying her all the time. The Snape painting would do better just to date the pink lady.


Hagrid brought him to 4 Privet Drive, Diagon Alley, and Hogwarts. So he's the one to carry Harry out of the forest. That is so sad, I cried when I read about Hagrid taking his body out of the forest