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A cheeky squirrel stretches up behind the viewfinder of a camera - seemingly preparing to take its own amateur photo. Balancing on her toes and placing her arms on the device, she tries to peer over the top of her new found treasure. The camera belonged to Hendri Venter - who had ironically been trying to photograph squirrels in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, in South Africa.

The squirrel appearing to look through the camera; Squirrel appears to take a photo using a camera a. - Hendri Venter/Solent News/REX

Animal photographers

Animal photographers

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The squirrel to the left stands upright and gives its best side for the camera, dictated to by its partner in crime........."ok, now hold still...."

Red squirrels playing with snowballs in Russia

funnywildlife:A squirrel poses with a snowball while another makes sure to capture the moment on camera. Photographer Vadim Trunov captured the courting pair in the woods in Voronezh, Russia, where he lives.Picture: Vadim Trunov/Solent News

Miia Haatanen - Hyvää huomenta Kaikille -10c äkkiseltään tuntui kylmältä hakea lehti postilaatikosta kylpytakki päällä.

A red squirrel takes a look down the viewfinder of photographer Will Nicholls' camera in Northumberland, northern England.

30 Scènes Féeriques que vivent vraiment les Photographes Animaliers - page 5

30 Scènes Féeriques que vivent vraiment les Photographes Animaliers (page 5)

Oh, ein Fotoapparat ;-)

Do you mind if I borrow this camera? by Ed Hetherington This lioness borrowed my camera when I left it on a remote stand near a kill trying to photograph vultures fighting. We thought that she had abandoned the ki

De fotograaf smaakte geweldig, maar z'n camera...

Horus105 on

Atlanta-based photographer Ed Hetheringtonmakes a living photographing weddings, but earlier this month he traveled to Zimbabwe for a wildlife photography

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This lovely photo was taken by Michael Agueyev in the Central Park of culture and leisure. PP Belousov - the largest park in Tula, a city in Russia. The symbol of this park is just the squirrel!

An alpine marmot looks through a photographer's unattended camera on the Grossglockner, Austria's highest mountain. Stefan Meyers had been taking photos of marmots and walked away from his camera. He watched as one of them approached his camera, stood on its hind legs and appeared to look through the lens. Stefan quickly grabbed his friend's equipment to capture the moment.


Marmot photographer as captured on film by photographer Stefan Meyer

A black labrador named Bazz has joined the global ranks of beekeepers who are fighting to save the world’s pollinators – and he even has an adorable custom suit to protect him on the job. Like Boneco the donkey in Brazil, Bazz does important but dangerous work: his owner, Josh Kennett from Australia,

Bazz the Beekeeper's Dog Sniffs Out Bee Disease in an Adorable Custom Suit

Beekeeping dog Bazz sniffs out American foulbrood, a bee disease, for his owner, Josh Kennett. Best part: This adorable, dog-shaped beekeeper suit!

45 Photographers That Are Real Animals… And Birds, And Reptiles ...

Monkey Snapper by Lucy Ray. Photographer Lucy Ray said: 'Chickaboo is a curious baby gorilla. She was fascinated by the camera and although she looks as though is taking a picture, she is actually looking at her reflection in the back of the screen.