Possible thigh tattoo. Sugar skull

Possible thigh tattoo. Sugar skull IN LOVE

Sugar Skull Drawings for Women | sugar skull girl by XXxpinkEmoDemon021xX

Sugar Skull Drawings for Women

Oksana Weber | Art, designs, inspiration

This is actually a really pretty tattoo idea, with a dreamcatcher, anchor, compass and feathers.tattoo love this

Sugar skull                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Love the eyes -Dia De Los Muertos Art

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Sugar skull, rose, and rosary tattoo

Sugar skull thigh tattoo with only hearts in the eyes.

what do you think about sugar skulls?

maybe for a invitation

One of my old works, it’s an Oldie but goodie. Study of a skull with roses. Made with Watercolor paint.

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Sugar skull drawing (Women With Flower)

Tatuajes skull

Tatuajes skull

steampunk elephant on thigh >>>>>> ♥♥♥♥

elephant thigh tattoo - of course I find all the cutest elephant tattoos after I get one. Minus the shit on the forehead. Love the flowers

Sugar Skulls, Tattoo Ideas, Sugar Skull, Sugar Skull Face

pictures of teacup tattooes | Teacup/teapot linework tattoo. :) | Tattoos

Like the simple teapot. Looking for a tattoo to do in memory of my mom and dad. For lid I would have them put a fire helmet to represent dad and the teapot would be for mom.

~Sugar Skull Girl~

This is exactly what I imagined when I was thinking of a Mexican candy skull tattoo.

My 4° tattoo, love to art by patiri tattoo! | fyeahtattoos.com

I don't know if I trust water color tattoos. I think they look gorgeous and sleek and artful, but I wonder if they fade more quickly.



Day of the dead coloring page