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Lobby of Hotel

Lobby of Hotel

102-Year-Old Abandoned Ship is a Floating Forest

102-Year-Old Abandoned Ship is a Floating Forest

ship becomes a floating forest - The SS Ayrfield is one of many decommissioned ships in the Homebush Bay of Sydney, Australia. The ship was abandoned in since nature took over, turning the ship into a beautiful little floating forest.

There’s something beautiful in those old abandoned buildings. I admit: old abandoned buildings are amazing, and I’m not the only person that thinks this way.

Castle in Versailles, France Italian villa architecture decay ruins abandoned buildings places architecture decay ruins abandoned buildings .

The old abandoned Helensburgh Station in New South Wales, Australia (by matt.jeffery).

South Wales, Australia - the Disused Helensburgh Station - opened in 1889 and operated for 26 years before closing in 1915 and a newer facility opened. The tracks and tunnel are still in place almost 100 years later, but overgrown by nature.

old abandoned mansions in Ohio | Franklin Castle, an abandoned mansion in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ohios haunted houses Cleveland Ohio - Franklin Castle, rumored to be haunted and contain secret passages and rooms.

Old abandoned vacant building in Texarkana, Texas. Ghost building

Old abandoned vacant building in Texarkana, Texas. What a beautiful old flat-iron building.

Old, Abandoned and Forgotten Barns....I would love to know their history...

I just pinned this and the moment I saw it I knew if my Uncle John had ever lived here this would have been his barn.

Old Abandoned house stock 6 by FairieGoodMother.deviantart.com on @deviantART

My daughter and I were driving around and passed this little development that was being demolished. It was Awesome. I hope you can use a couple of these. Old Abandoned house stock 6

Old, abandoned building on the edge of a farm field near Mission Soledad in Monterey County, CA - soledad50x by mlhradio, via Flickr

Abandoned building on the edge of a farm field - December 2007 - near Mission Soledad, Monterey County, California, USA

I always wonder what the story is behind old abandoned houses. This had to have been a nice house back when it was first built. I just start thinking about the families that lived there and wonder why someone eventually just let the house go to ruin :(

Abandoned Civil War Mansion I have to pin this for my Dad. The ultimate Civil War buff. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

old abandoned houses in missouri | Abandoned house. rural Missouri | THIS old house!

Sexy Culonass ®🍑👯 on

Farmhouse {Reminds me of Dorothy's stormy day in Kansas from "The Wizard of Oz" ~ Jackie aka Belle} ❤

abandoned farm house - via: - Imgend // To be sure this is a stunning image, so vivid and color-enriched and photo shopped that it's from a dream, or another planet--wonderful stuff.

Sometimes I think I want to find and fix up an old abandoned house, all Mary Bailey style.

Abandoned house in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. This is so sad it was once a very beautiful home . I rember what it use to look like . Its for sale too. Its not to far frome where I live and grew up .