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<3 Body mods Model - Iska Ithil Photographer - Ravenblakh Photography (Image from manakahandmade.tumblr.com)

Choose your colour - Organic Hemp Manakees for stretched ears - Eco Ethic Earrings - OOAK via Etsy. Not fond of the earrings but cool style

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Right Ear ; Lukah also has three small hoops above his left eyebrow. A barbell lives on each of his hips (with a two inch thick, three inch long solid black stripe tattoo under each). Finally, a dermal lies right between his clavicles.

88 Unusual and Really Cool Eyebrow Piercing Styles and Jewelry

antibrow piercings are basically cheekbone piercings. They look really painful and they'd probably leave horrible scars.

I love how girls can be all tatted up with piercings and stretched ears, yet still look feminine!

31 Pruebas de que los tatuajes en las manos son elegantes

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