@Aileen Rostran I love these pastel boots! They make me think of something you'd wear. :)

Pastel Doc martens could be worn, juxtaposes the style of shoe and the punk/grunge feel. // need these doc martens asap!

Harajuku Psychedelic Leather Motorcycle Anklet Boots

Natural soft leather psychedelic anklet boots with thick cotton inside. Choose between 2 colors. More Details: Soft Insole and outsole Warm cotton inside Anklet boots Material: Natural leather out, .

galaxy converse

store.converse $29 on

hyominyanlee:  boots ♡  Rose Wholesale ♡  please don’t remove this caption (◕‿◕✿)

Kitten Design Women's Flat Short Boots - perfect for my crazy cat-lady young friend Morgan!

Cute lace socks sticking up over Doc Martins. Very kawaii <3

CLARA this is what i was talking about that u should do to ur boots, but maybe turquise.or white idk