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Oliver Cat | Pawshake Vancouver

Meet Oliver, Cat of Pina: Oliver is 11 years old and has just missed his best buddy Sadie who was a beautiful Golden Retriever who just passed away. Oliver has just recently met his new friend feline Mookie who is the latest addition to our household.

Edward Cat | Pawshake

Meet Edward, Cat of Natalie: Edward Wong Hau Pepilu Tivrusky the is a very happy cat.

Oliver Chat | Pawshake Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu

Oliver Chat | Pawshake Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu

Oliver Cat | Pawshake

Meet Oliver, Cat of Mia: Loving and spoiled family member!

Sylvester  Cat | Pawshake

Meet Sylvester , Cat of Andriana: Sylvester was a shelter cat who came in as a stay, but you would never guess!

Franklin Cat | Pawshake

Meet Franklin, Cat of Kate: Franklin is the Cat that thinks he's a dog. He's an indoor cat that's as lazy as you can get!

Ripley Cat | Pawshake Smiths falls

Meet Ripley, Cat of Brianne: This is my beautiful girl, Ripley. She is incredibly spoiled and owns my heart, which she knows of course and that's how she always gets treats when she wants them

Steve Cat | Pawshake

Meet Steve, Cat of Rhandi: I love to be loved and want nothing more than to cuddle you