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"Costumes of men participating in Spring rituals of vegetation" Both turn of the century, Bulgaria Own photos.

Tuvan female Kam(Shaman) Galba July 2014.

Drumming is an important part of the shamanic ceremony. Image by David Baxendale / Lonely Planet

Image from https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/6b/2c/eb/6b2ceb06b3f859c286edafd83fd15818.jpg.

Africa, Senufo Wambele Funeral Mask in Ivory Coast by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher

Africa | Costume with cloth mask from the Igbo people of Nigeria | Layered textiles, yarn and burlap

Costume with cloth mask (Igbo, Nigeria) Layered textiles, yarn, burlap, 56 ½ in

source and tribe unknown . Please share if you have information about the origin of this cultural attire.

Metal charms on various Buryat shamans robes Irkutsk Regional Museum of Local Lore

Africa | Kuosi Society ensemble from the Bamileke people of Cameroon | Fabric, glass beads, parrot feathers

Kuosi Society ensemble (Bamileke, Cameroon) Fabric, beads, parrot feathers, 48 in

Shaman from Siberia, photographed with his drum in 1882

Today, especially in New Age circles, the term ‘shamanism’ is often used in a generalised way to describe all kinds of indigenous magical practices in a wide range of cultures worldwide. What is Siberian Shamanism?

Africa | Burkina Faso, 2006 | ©Phyllis Galembo

Photographic exhibitions and special projects by Phyllis Galembo, including Egungun and Gelede masquerade, Benin.

The Sa'wkele, The Ku-Ku, The Boqta, The Henin: How the Mongol Occupation of Europe Changed European Women’s Fashion Forever One of the most immediately recognizable symbols of the European Middle Ages.

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noiseintheaether: nuitnuitnuit : Russian Orthodox Clergy compare to Magyar symbols Vestments

Buryat shaman-ess? More than half of Central Asian shamans were women and they still outnumber men more often than not.

Buryat shaman-ess half of Central Asian shamans were women and still outnumber men