Glamour April 2007 // Fun Drew and I simply Love this one!!!

Drew Barrymore Fashion Editorials

Senior picture idea for girl with bubbles. Senior picture idea with bubbles.

Comme du bonbon

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I’m a dreamer. And a dream chaser. My dreams don’t stay in my head. I take action to turn them into reality. Are you a dreamer too?

turn your world on its side

Surreal Photography by Philippe Ramette “Surprisingly enough, these images are not photoshopped! Rather they are visual illusions, or surreal photographs, made by French artist Philippe Ramette and.

En toute transparence avec la marque de mode responsable Jules & Jenn • Slow Fashion •

Beautiful pink tree lights © Georgianna Lane Photography 2012 Pinned for Pink Pad, the women's health app with built-in social network.

Interesting photo. I like the colors. Looks like an illustration or a painting.

girl lady flowers flower bath water thinking about using this idea for an art project. Painting flowers on some water resitant material and also painting the girl, so it looks like she was in a frame

ELEMENTS MAGAZINE | Fashion. Art. Design. Inspirational.: Fashion

A sly and witty beauty shot of Olga Maliouk, taken from last year’s June issue of Allure. The bubblegum bubble breaks the overly composed and poised mood of this shot.

Luv blowin bubbles ;)

Bubblegumbrella Moistwet I love blowing bubblegums and imagine that it will take me to the sky.

Fashion pictures or video of Andrea Dragan: LOVE SEX DANCE Magazine (NSFW); in the fashion photography channel 'Photo Shoots'.

Meryl Streep on the set of Sophie's Choice directed by Alan J. Pakula, 1982

How Meryl Streep Pulled Off One of the Most Unusual Career Revivals In Recent History