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Mmmm chicken pot pieee.

The first time I saw this, I thought the dog was high. Then i'm like "No, I don't think he's high! I know he's high.

imagens engraçadas de animais pra face

Mano imagina a reta que isso deu no cachorro Macho.

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vai saber né

43 memes de animais para você ter na manga

"When you try to use sarcasm as an icebreaker and it backfires and you make everyone uncomfortable.

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Two animals meet in the woods, both blind since birth. Neither one knows what kind of animal it is, so they decide to feel each other to try to figure it out.

Genial!! Kkkkk mas nn conta pra ninguém seu X9...

Genial!! Kkkkk mas nn conta pra ninguém seu X9...