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Cool way to use pallets for a DIY chair project

Pallet Skull Chair

Cool way to use pallets for a DIY chair project

Loving the energy of this light box/school desk. Makes it so much easier to see your art work, especially if you are drawing your designs on transparencies instead of using a printer.

Light Box / School Desk A school desk I found at a dump. The desk drawer is filled with fluorescent bulbs and then fronted with a diffuser and glass panel to create a light box. The inkwell was utilised as an ideal place for the lights flick-switch.

A realistic depiction of what our precious "gnomes" will look like in 1000 years.

Skel-E-Gnome, Garden Sculptures! Just when you think you've seen them all, these overworked garden friends will make your neighbors and passersby look twice. They've been garden-guarding so long they're nothing but bones. Indoor or outdoor use.

I need a coffin shelf

Maybe just my personal interest but I like the idea of making a coffin shelf and displaying my colourful lamps inside it. I think the contrast of something seen as morbid filled with lights and colour would be a good contrast

Sugar Skull Lawn Chair

Day of the Dead Chair Halloween And day of the dead only pretty much share the skull, because in Halloween its for for like scary skulls while the skulls for the Day of the dead are more colorful and fun and not scary.