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this photo is so gorgeous, the spruce trees fit it so well. We could possibly try to capture something like this at the legislature?



Surreal-Portraits-with-real-animals-by-Katerina-Plotnikova-artists-i-lobo-you4 Surreal-Portraits-with-real-animals-by-Katerina-Plotnikova-artists-i-lobo-you4

Surreal Portraits with real animals by Katerina Plotnikova

Beauty&theBeast ~ OR ~ SW&RR story. Untitled (bear and maiden fair) by katerina plotnikova

Labyrinth wedding inspiration to remind you of the babe with the power: YOU

Labyrinth wedding inspiration: this IS the babe with the power

Our summer issue (out in June) features a tribute to Labyrinth and the Goblin King shot by Bella Kotak Photography! Skin Retouching: PRATIK NAIK @ Solstice Retouch Costume Designer of The Goblin King.

My name is Margarita Kareva. Engaged in photography since 2011 Currently I live in Ekaterniburg (Russia),

Enchanted Forest