-1060246543: Double Island Village for Minecraft PE

Savannah Village in a Snow Biome Seed for Minecraft PE - MCPE Box: World of Minecraft Pocket Edition

A Mooshroom Island seed for Minecraft PE: MEANPOOF

A Mushroom/Mooshroom Island seed for Minecraft Pocket Edition. You spawn upon mycelium, giant mushrooms and among old and baby mooshrooms!

minecraft pe desert village

Minecraft pe village and desert temple seed with minecraft: 1432398557 - this seed has 3 villages, 4 desert temple and 1 minecraft for your best survival in Minecraft!

Minecraft PE seed : 1405190109 - Triple Sand Village - http://minecraftpedownload.com/1405190109-triple-sand-village/

Spawn at the a triple sang village. If you don& look careful you will see this triple village look like a large village. Some houses in this triple village is glitched it make them has been generated on top of each another look like a duplex house.