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Artmaiar: Art of Chris - Another character study. This time of “Red Jenny”,.

Faebelina's Art

faebelina: “ I finally finished for the first time this weekend. *sheds a tear* It…it was good. I ended up romancing Merrill instead of Fenris because she’s just too darn cute. Thought I’d do a little tribute doodle for the bae!

Dragon Age in Game of Thrones Sigil style banners -- I know these aren't the actual symbols, but the sigil creator site doesn't let you upload images and I was too lazy to fully Photoshop this set from scratch. Oh, and there's a character limit on the sigil generator, so i had to make do with that also.

Dragon Age in Game of Thrones Sigil style banners -- ahah The Grey wardens one always gets me!

"I'll show you why mages are feared!" haha oh Anders :p

For a guy that's supposed to be a horrifying, possesed killer,, Anders is not very focused on destruction magic

illustration by alex schlitz

illustration by alex schlitz