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I've got the Pinterest Bug. Bad.

retro vintage after party domestic kitchen man woman couple mess clean apron

ikr and they say, you say everything you're  thinking... oh u thought what i said was bad what i thought was better ;)

Not exactly inspiration, but hell yeah its funny! I do keep opinions to myself LOL

My room is not dirty. I just have everything on display. Like a museum. (I live with some people who are imitating a museum. I'm not naming any names in order to protect the guilty.

A good mother loves her children, a great mother still loves them when they are teenagers (& preteens!


ADKD: Attention Deficit Kid Disorder: When you attempt to wash dishes but first must fix a blanket fort, fish a toy from behind the fridge, find a binky, sing the ABCs, and. hang on I hear crying. Pennington - this is our life!


Welcome to being the parent of a teenager. Prepare for a large amount of eye rolling, emotional outburts and thoughts of running away.and that's just the parents.