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Gourmet August 2004 by Romulo Yanes - Cabbages: Nappa/Chinese, red cabbage, green cabbage and crinkly Savoy


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9 common wild edible plants, one afternoon's harvest

Here are the wild edibles we found today: Dandelion (Dutch: Paardenbloem - French: Pissenlit - German: Löwenzahn) Stinging nettle (Dutch: Brandnetel - French: Ortie - German:.

La coliflor es una verdura típica de la zona mediterránea que nos aporta vitaminas, proteínas, fibra, potasio, fósforo, magnesio, calcio y folato. Además, son buenas como antioxidantes y depurativas

Roasted Cauliflower & Orzo with Meyer Lemon Parsley Dressing - in pursuit of


photo : dietlind wolf i had to honor the harvest, with the beauty of a quince i picked sunday at ringsberg( near the sea) before posting .


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green //Cubicle Refugee //applegreenapple: (via Palm Springs on Hasselblad « Jose Villa

ZZ plant. | via The Sill

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Stuffed Courgette Flowers with a Palm Kale - Quinoa Salad & a Gathering with Friends