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Seriously Disturbing Vintage Advertisements Source These vintage advertisements are so shockingly offensive you won’t believe they were allowed to print this stuff!

Cigarette smoking whilst pregnant?

Cigarette smoking whilst pregnant?

"VIBRATING BRA for satisfying relaxation. Very few women are lucky enough to have the firm, perfect figure needed to go without a bra. With your Vibra Bra you also receive a program of diet and exercise to firm and develop your bust line.

JORDAN WALLER: Apparently there is an amphetamine on the market called Vyvanse is used to treat ADD as well as Binge Eating Disorder.

Vintage ad for the gift of psychokenisis to give you a hairy chest. Hmm, so Chattanooga must be filled with hairy-chested he-men?

I've studied enough vintage ads to be desensitized to the inherent misogyny, but every once in a while.

fringe trim scotch tape ad This must be the ad my mom saw when she cut my bangs. The tape slipped and my bangs were NOT even and way short.

This is a Victorian trade card for an early form of toothpaste. However, the advertisement on the back lists a series of other quack potions and medications to cure all sorts of ailments.

15 Unbelievably Sexist Adverts From The 1970s

15 Unbelievably Sexist Adverts From The This one is a bowling alley advertisement.

, June For years, Coles Pharmacy cornered the market for dead flies in Mansfield -- until they realized the basement storeroom was filled with pints of dead flies.

Vintage Products That Are Just Plain Ridiculous

Light ashtray for when you just don't have time to take your cigarette out of your mouth

Baby will be unhappy and cross This poster issued by the Kansas State Board of Health outlines good infant care. State Board of Health Date: Between 1900 and 1920