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Omg! My silly daschund does exactly this!!

~ via Everyone Loves a Dachshund So True! Gotta love a Dachshund

24 #dachshund Memes That Will Totally Make Your Day | SayingImages.com

24 #dachshund Memes That Will Totally Make Your Day | SayingImages.com

Dachshunds now come in Cherry Flavour. My dog did this to me when I was little. She ate my marshmallow lip smakers that I had gotten for Christmas that morning.

Dachshunds now come in Cherry Flavour. (Yeah, we've lost a couple of lip balms, too! We quickly learned not to leave a n ything out in a wrapper that even hinted at being edible!

I can’t even…as you kids say. | The Life Of A Wienermobile Driver

Oscar Mayer on his Weiner mobile!


Dachshund weiner dogs so true. But I love him anyways!

He also performs exquisite window art on autos, including sliding glass doors.

"Let me clean the screen for you. K it's clean now"

A someone or two.... waiting...

and when I am cooking, she lays on my feet hoping that I will drop something. -- Attack Of The Funny Animals - 35 Pics

dashound meme | Speak Your Mind Cancel reply

Meme-ing Our Life Away

See I sit pretty for you. Now give me my damn treat

Doxie going for an r.i.d.e.!

travel doxie that does not want to stop traveling

Checking these mysterious boxes for your safety :-)

We supply your favorite furry friends with a healthy dose of shaming.

So true lol                                                                                                                                                                                 More #dachshund

Funny Dogs Video Compilation 2015

So true lol More #dachshund

Now imagine this every morning from Ellie...she makes it so hard to leave!

What a cutie. black and tan dachshund puppy

He must know Sheldon.

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This is so typical of my dog! #Doxie #OnTheCouch #OffTheCouch #WienerDog

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