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imagen shout

imagen shout

Well it’s like sex. If it’s not straight/cis it’s “in your face” and somehow not appropriate, but if it is straight/cis it’s plastered everywhere and no one comments on it, and if you do you’re a “special snowflake” like lol what?  Also yeah go ahead and teach girls from infancy to hate their bodies. Even though literally every baby that is healthy is chubby and has, compared to people who are or have been capable of walking, awful thighs. Seriously, what the fuck?

The only one I dont agree belongs here is the men womens tea. They are made to support the different health needs found in men women.

by ancalinar on deviantart Poetry is even funnier if you know Dean played Bragi, God of poetry in The Almighty Johnsons

by ancalinar on deviantart, hobbit lion king crossover

And here I though my teacher was cool for setting the floor on fire, but he never taught me firebending>>>>>> <<< this is lit..

are you sure you're not a firebender? <<< she’s a firebending master teaching her students the ways of firebending


Funny pictures about Making something fun out of a dull task. Oh, and cool pics about Making something fun out of a dull task. Also, Making something fun out of a dull task.

Photo #humor #memes #funny #divertido

Photo #humor #memes #funny #divertido

#feminist a person who believes in the social, political and economical equality of the sexes #ChimamandaNgoziAdichie

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