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Although I don't typically watch Fox News... I tip my hat to Andy Levy.

Chris Brown gets owned…

Chris Brown pwned by Fox News? Hate fox news and really hate Chris brown, but I love this news guy!

they said what??

Absolutely hysterical witness / attorney exchanges in court! Worth the read! Man, some attorneys are idiots

I'm listening to  Paramore - Part II and #spiderman is dancing to it LOL  what about you?does he dance to your song?

Funny pictures about Spider-man is the master of any beat. Oh, and cool pics about Spider-man is the master of any beat. Also, Spider-man is the master of any beat.

Two kinds of people - I've actually skied from California to Nevada.

Two kinds of people

at the cal-neva lodge in lake tahoe, the nevada/california state line actually runs through the swimming pool. fun fact: cal-neva was once co-owned by frank sinatra. this is cool awesome cause you can tell people you swam from nevada to california!