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Strikes a cord with the world history and government teacher in me!

9/10/15 2:23a Bush 43 The Greatest amount of Debt created by any President. phyllis.com economist.com

When fortune frowned

But by all means, keep screaming "BENGHAAAAZI!" while sniveling about how the hated Libruls just want to play the Blame Game.

Paula Deen annoys me, but Justice Scalia enrages and infuriates me. One is ignorant and one is evil. The difference matters. Thanks to Living Blue in a Red State.

And a good portion of those who laughed live in states where these storm will only get worse.more frequent and more powerful.and more expensive for ALL of us taxpayers footing the bill. Stop building flood plains and tornado alley!

He may have been a reality show host, but our President has displayed his competence ten times over. He’s a businessman and knows how to get shit done.   Jimmy Kimmel, for example, lacks aptitude as well as morals. So yeah that piece of shit not only needs to stay in his lane, he can get the hell out of this country along with the rest of you globalist scum.

Re: RepubliKKKans you are supporting a DraftDodging TaxDodging Woman assaulting pos, who was a D rated Hollywood Wannabe. you don't get to demand that Hollywood or athletes should stay out of Politics!

Some gave all, some gave nothing.

Some gave all. Senate Republicans kill the fully-funded veterans jobs bill. The GOP loves sending soldiers into war, up they don't give a damn what happens to them afterwards.

Fuck every single political hack who votes Yes on this bullshit tax bill. You're all fucking fired.

Sounds like Apple and other companies would be able to offer larger bonuses to allow the parents to choose privately where they care for their children--without laundering money through the government.

We're paying for this Uber rich families living expenses at astronomical security risk and rate...But Republicans complain about feeding hungry children??  How do they sleep at night?  Proof that ignorance is bliss!

Donald Trump claims he is smart for not paying taxes for 20 years, but wants taxpayers to foot the bill for Melania & baron to stay in New York?


Trickle Down Economics. Republican Policy of Giving Free Taxpayers Dollars to Rich TaxDodging Corporate Moochers. Elizabeth Warren is so right the only things "trickling down" is the crap the expect us all to swallow ! Ewwwwwww - no thanks!

Just a reminder

The true meaning of liberal _ unlike the Australian Liberal ( Conservative ) Party !

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When a student doesn't care that they are failing the class - This is fine

True....but the American people still have the power to keep this Putin backed oligarch and his cabinet from destroying our democracy.....

but the American people still have the power to keep this Putin backed oligarch and his cabinet from destroying our democracy.

Good one!

I say let them continue to tell their lies and attacks because the once minority group(s) that is/are now the MAJORITY group(s). As long as everyone (Dem) WOMEN/ETHNIC GROUPS/votes in ALL (both Presidential AND your local elections!