SPN ep in Disneyland where Mickey turns out to be a shapeshifter, Minnie is a vampire and Cinderella is possessed by a demon

young dean looks like my friend owen

young dean looks like my friend Owen< your friend Owen is that hot?< your friend Owen must be really fuckable

but which one???!

And then the Hillywood show came and the fella with good hair was Cain<<<< The Cain Mane puts the Moose Mane to shame.

I coughed out my rice when I saw this...

I'm a Cas girl to please save me oh my god *five hours later and remembers this* *REEE FLAILING*

The Winchesters swipe his Psycic paper and replace it, Sherlock just pickpockets everyone. Dean so would too...

Of course the Doctor would get his psychic paper swiped, and of course Sherlock wouldn't leave him a replacement.<<< can you imagine the things the winchesters would do with the doctors psychic paper?