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Lab work came back today and I am no longer pre diabetic! I am HAPPY in life, with my marriage and I am living in peace! Absolutely love my life at this moment

[PHOTOS] The 80 Best Adventure Quotes Photos I've Ever Seen

A ship in harbor is safe, but that's not why ships are built--they're meant to sail through the seas and experience many adventures. The harbor is deceptively safe--the ship will eventually rot there, without ever knowing why it was created.

just have a little hope

Inspiration theme-song from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Words to live by.

Sunflower and child

Take time to stop & smell the flowers! Take a time-out from work and stress and appreciate the small things.

Yeahp I’m tired of being #2

I love this quote! Johnny Depp is my first, second, third, fourth, etc. But this quote is so true.


Gulf of Alaska - where two oceans meet but do not mix. Fresh water glaciers and the oceans salt water have different densities.

Iguazu / blog.jchongstudio.com

Iguazu Falls

The breathtaking Iguazu Falls in Argentina look stunning in the daylight, but on nights where there is a full moon, the falls can only be described as magical.