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Are Pitbulls dangerous? Do they really have locking jaws? Is it true that they don't feel any pain? Get the real facts from this enlightening infographic.

Get To Know The Pittie With "The Truth About Pit Bulls" Infographic

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This is by far my favorite picture of pitbulls omg i love it it looks like my brothers dog Sharito .


At first glance, it's tough to see the sweet little Blenheim, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy because he blends right in with the flank of the English bulldog, on which he's draped. I think this picture is terrific!

Make sure that you and your pets are ready to enjoy the season with these helpful tips!!

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This bunny also clearly fears for its life:

24 Reasons Why No One Should Ever Have A Pit Bull As A Pet

Day 118 of your daily dose of cute: A violent pit bull attacks helpless bunny - FunSubstance

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Puppy with a bone

From "Meet Oliver Wellington the He lives in San Francisco now but was born in beautiful Australia. The sweetest, silliest Cavodle on the block!

STOP IT WITH THE CRYSTAL-CLEAR TROPICAL WATER EYES!!! | 21 Puppies So Cute You Will Literally Gasp And Then Probably Cry



From "I'm Paul a 4 year old fluffy little angora bunny who's always up for some treats and head rubs to get my human's attention I try to be as all as possible.

American Bully dogs Information and Pictures, Am Bullies

American Bully dogs Information and Pictures, Am Bullies. Want a second one so badly!