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I know this all too well...

Spot on. And if you point the behavior out to others.well now your the one who is wrong.

I LOVE sushi. Always have, always will. For any kind of celebration, it’s one of my first go-to meals. INFJ Cartoon from http://infjoe.wordpress.com.

The #INFJ Roll

I LOVE sushi. For any kind of celebration, it's one of my first go-to meals. Today, I'm celebrating INFJs with a roll named after them. We may be calm on the outside, but we're quite intense on the inside.

I feel this right down to my soul. incredibly accurate

I am stunned by how well this is articulated. It's heartbreaking when someone's personality is so polar opposite that they can't find middle ground to understand who I am.

Guaranteed INFJ door slam phrases

10 Things you should never say to an INFJ-- number 10 especially to me.

And the other person is confused because they thought the subject was closed

Joyfully Freefalling: Top 10 Things Every INFJ Wants You to Know. I'm not sure that all if these are true, but most of them definitely are.

Figuring out that I am an INFJ made my life make so much more sense. It really did make me feel less weird and alone. This is a great article. 10 things that are absolutely true about me.

oh very yes

INFJs are typically music lovers who can spend hours searching for lyrics to uplift their loved ones, or match their own multifaceted mindset. It isn’t uncommon for us to have playlists galore, often organized by the moods and mentalities we frequent.