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"Listen, if I am going to stop my car in the middle of the street to let you cross, you had better hustle & wave, dammit! Feel the burn or feel my bumper." - YOUR ECARDS - funny

Too funny not to be true!

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Sometimes when I'm depressed I take a pregnancy test so that I can say 'At least I'm not pregnant.

~ My man woke up with a smile on his face :)

Once you hate someone, everything they do is offensive. 'Look at that bitch eating those crackers like she owns the place.


My daughter told me the other day that she thought it was completely wrong that healthy foods are more expensive than junk food. If a kid gets it, then why aren't things changing?

That suppressed inner bitch can, and WILL, come out if it needs to! But my god, shit will get done.

this is totally Matt & myself every time we want to watch a movie! And also when we're deciding what we should eat for dinner.