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I got You're a nature lover.! Your Favorite Color Will Reveal A Truth About Yourself

The Color You Love Most Will Reveal A Deep Truth About You

Just let the golden, beautiful, powerful, creative nature that you are, flow unobstructed.

{RD} We were sitting on the bench outside of school waiting for the morning bell to ring. My legs were laying across his legs and he just kissed me. I kissed him back and it was the first time we had ever made out or even kissed each other. He put his hands around my waist and slid me closer. People were cheering as they pasted us.

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even if the mere notion of you is close to being ethereal, one could not deny of you being sinful.

The Illustration of Hiller Goodspeed

The Illustration of Hiller Goodspeed

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Post Secret:I think about the last time I saw you all the time. (this one made me bawl.

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