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R/T Muhammad Salute to your childcare starts,Now. This is open till next Monday at noon. We will have an expecting parents and possible decade party on Friday. Reply for further details family childcare

Homeschool Organization with Playroom Rules Printable - Beauty in the Mess #daycareideas

Homeschool Organization with Playroom Rules Printable - Beauty in the Mess #daycareideas

Yes. Made me tear up. I love all my kiddos.

I'm a Early Childhood Educator, and every one of the kids I have ever looked after, I have treated like my own or how I would hope my own children deserved to be treated.

what children need the most

In my experience, most parents think you have to be "parenting" or disciplining your child most of the time (or all day long) or teaching. Notice there is not much of that in the above poster.

The childcare provider

Quality, professional child care for children of all needs and abilities. When Quality counts, count on Tipton Adaptive Daycare.

The day care lady has every form you could need if you are running a daycare

The Daycare Lady - Your Personal Online Coach! Lots of free daycare forms and printables!

daycare contract, maybe some ideas for a clear contract everyone understands and will commit to.

I don't like how this is worded or all of the content but it does have some things to remember when we do a contract.

Children need to play

Fresh Find: A New "Playzine" + A Free Printable Just for You

This is a wonderful and cute description of the importance of play in a child's life. Play is so incredibly important for a child to grow and learn. A great way for a CCLS to evaluate a patient is to observe how a child plays.

children flower garden

The most beautiful Gardens are made up of numerous different Flowers. Every CHILD is a different kind of flower, and all together, make this world a BEAUTIFUL Garden!

The toddler brain hasn't yet developed enough for impulse control. They really need your help, over & over & OVER *deep breath now & hot bath later* Tips for #FlourishingFamilies www.facebook.com/Momssecretweapon

People always say "how can children learn if they just play all day?" Remember: through play children are learning all the skills they need during life, from mathematical thinking to social understanding.

Christian Art - SET of 9 - "Teach Me" Wood Blocks - Inspirational Art -Nursery Art- Child's Room, Home Decor, Faith Based Art

Christian Art - SET of Any 3 -"Teach Me" Wood Blocks - Inspirational Art - Wall Art, Nursery, Child's Room, Home Decor, Teacher Gift