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Religion by Toby Ng [from the "If the world were a village of 100 people" series]

The price of inequality remains a deadweight drag on our economy.  Other countries are doing far better.

Chart of the day: the price of inequality. Comparison of Japan, Sweden, Germany, France, UK & USA on specific benchmarked areas of development and equality.

The image of a foreigner holding a McDonald's burger on her head and a Diet Coke in her hand is an example of how cross cultures of goods, foods transpire through globalization. Amercian food becomes available in countries all over for other cultures to enjoy.

How Globalization Went Pop and What It Means for Workers

I always feel so sophisticated laughing at historical humor lol

I always feel so sophisticated laughing at historical humour

LOL. Look at this

Donald Trump would deport this joke

I am so sick of these new generation disney movies thinking they are better. Old school disney paved the way for these newly animated disney movies. Suck on that Frozen! But Frozen was still a really good movie.