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SparkNotes: Glycolysis: Anaerobic vs. Aerobic Respiration

red muscle: aerobic metabolism (high mit and myoglobin concen) TYpe 2 white muscle: anaerobic metabolism (low mit and myoglobin concen)

The body utilizes its metabolic pathways differently during fed, fasting and starvation states. Learn more here.

Metabolic Pathways: How Ketosis Works The body utilizes its metabolic pathways differently during fed, fasting and starvation states. Learn more here.

Gluconeogenesis..why is this so difficult for me...chemistry is just not something my brain wants to learn and I really wanna get this stuff...so very important!

Endocrine system worksheet ap biology essays Free practice questions for AP Biology - Endocrine System. Includes full solutions and score reporting.

Krebs Cycle - I always found this interesting and fascinating. I loved drawing it when I was studying Biology.

Lord, Save Me From The Krebs Cycle

Terms acetyl coenzyme A (acetyl CoA) aerobic amphibolic anabolic pathway anaerobic catabolic pathway cellular respiration citrate citric acid cycle fermentation flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD) gluconeogenesis glycolysis hexokinase metabolic pathway nico

See life at the cellular level in large detail with this Cellular Respiration Poster quick reference guide. This chart covers glycolysis, the basics of cellular respiration, the Krebs cycle, the elect

Cellular Respiration Biology Poster - 24" x 36" Laminated Quick Reference Guide

Would love to have nicely done cellular respiration/ kreb cycle posters in my office.

human heart diagram detailed human heart diagram detailed

Internal anatomy diagram of the human heart by Texas Heart Institute.

ATP Synthesis.  If only it really were that simple....

Overview of ATP Synthesis. this website has a great overview of all the cellular respiration processes.

The origins and genetic makeup associated with eye color makes the color of one's eye more complex than a simple collection of aesthetic traits. Discover interesting facts behind the color of your eyes.

Infographic: Eye Color Breakdown Guide

Clasificación de las neuronas: según el número de prolongaciones, su extensión y forma de ramificarse. -Unipolares: una sola prolongación, que se extiende del soma -Bipolares: 2 prolongaciones -Multipolares: más de 2 Por tamaño: -Golgi tipo I: 1 metro o más / células piramidales de cerebro, de Purkinje y motoras de la médula -Golgi tipo II: cortas de axón pequeño o ausente y son abundantes.

Brain Pictures

What does your brain really look like? See the different ways we can view the human brain and learn interesting facts with these brain pictures.

TJ.In biochemistry, the pentose phosphate pathway (also called the phosphogluconate pathway and the hexose monophosphate shunt) is a metabolic pathway parallel to glycolysis that generates NADPH and pentoses (5-carbon sugars) as well as Ribose 5-phosphate, a precursor for the synthesis of nucleotides. While it does involve oxidation of glucose, its primary role is anabolic rather than catabolic.  There are two distinct phases in the pathway. The first is the oxidative phase, in which NADPH…

The Pentose Phosphate Pathway and carbohydrate metabolism. Obviously there is much more involved but we don't study biochem 101 holistically or heuristically.

Brain Map

Brain Map

Whatever you call it, this is the entire reason we've gotten so far as a civilization. ItÍs also a fallible piece of anatomy, so itÍs wise to treat it with respect