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Y a pas que d'la maille !: YARN BOMB

24 Chaffee by Marianne Jorgensen, 2006 - That's a Wrap: The Best Wrapped, Covered, and Veiled Artworks

nonnina 3

Guerrilla Knitting: la nonnina di 104 anni che lavora a maglia per colorare la città (FOTO e VIDEO)

In pictures: Gran aged 104 helps 'guerrilla knitters' decorate 46 Borders landmarks - Daily Record

This yarnbombing was one of 10 interventions done all over Zaragoza through “  The Assault Festival of Street Art ” .

yarnbombing and The ” Assault on Zaragoza ” Spain

ingridmatthews: “ This is an entire yarnbombed building in Zaragoza Spain - yarnbombed Sept 13 through ” The Assault Festival Of Street Art ” . This is 50 square meters and was knitted and crocheted over 5 months by 100 woman . The light colors.

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Kids in Afghanistan need mittens. But whatever let's just crochet a bicycle cover.

La Vie en 2CV: warm eingepackt / covered-up warmly / bien couverte

La Vie en warm eingepackt / covered-up warmly / bien couverte

#KnittingforGroningen #Climate #SustainableEnergy #CommunityArt

#KnittingforGroningen #Climate #SustainableEnergy #CommunityArt

yarn bombing in ny  -------------------------------------------  mettiamoci una pezza!   una città ai ferri corti  urban knitting a l'aquila, 6 aprile 2012  per partecipare: mettiamociunapezz...

today only – 529 west 20th st, btwn 10th & 11th ave

Olek crochets life into art

Do you think I can jump from a crocheted scarf to making a crocheted car?