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This is how teenagers dated in the s #retro #teenagers #dated #entertainment #interesting

Teen dates in the were usually at a diner such as in this picture. Other popular dates were drive-ins or picnics. The dates were simple and cheap. Couples would share a milkshake at the diner.

Fashion in the 1940s - teenage look

photo from a 1944 issue of Life Magazine, a kind of look at girls passing the intersection of Hollywood and Vine, in Los Angeles I love her hair and her dress! The whole outfit is smashing!

A+soldier+lovingly+pulls+his+sweetheart+close+as+they+share+a+final+moment+before+he+boards+his+train.jpg (964×1133)

vintage everyday: True Romance – Vintage Photos Capture The Heartache of Wartime Farewells at The Pennsylvania Station, New York City in April 1943

to Louvre

The model is at the Paris Louvre Metro Station wearing a gray Christian Dior dress. captured by legendary photographer Mark Shaw for LIFE Magazine in - REALLY want one of these coat/dresses

Pin up

Girls of the My mother was in a hayride accident in the late in college and had the spoke of one of the wheels go through her ankle. Hayrides can be dangerous!

Photograph by John Florea. Hollywood, California, August 1944.

fashion photography is my favourite. The immaculate hair, the fullness of the skirt, the cute bows on the heels - you don't see style like that too often!

Risultati immagini per 1940s black and white

Risultati immagini per 1940s black and white

1950s, New York, via Flickr.

1950s, New York, via Flickr.

Rollerskating on the roof of the Roosevelt Hotel, 1933

1933 Rollerskating on the roof of Roosevelt Hotel (by straatis) 19 Apr Manhattan, New York, New York, USA — A Roller Skater? Here’s Your Costume. Are you a devotee of the new roller.

Forties Fashion - FASHION SIZZLE BLOG; Since fabrics and money were limited, most of trends from the 1940s wartime era represented the practicality and utilitarian way of life. Many magazine and newspaper articles encouraged women to utilize items and clothing that they already owned. Sewing, stitching and knitting, were popular ways to create new clothes from fabrics and items around the house; and, darning was a popular way to mend socks with holes.

With the war in Europe over, fashion raised its beautiful head, and hemlines. Three British models stride out to show off their clothes, which was strictly export only.July By Remi.

dancing the charleston in the 20's...scandalous!

The Charleston dance became extremely popular in the especially with Flappers. The flappers had a beautiful style that was easier portrayed in posters, as their long dresses created movement to represent the Charleston.