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INFJ User Guide | marissabaker.wordpress.com

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INFJs utilize both sides of the brain with equal adeptness. INFJs are both creative and responsible, artistic and logical, spiritual and scientific, intuitive and analytic.

Interesting. I've noticed this about myself. It's not even something I'm consciously doing, it just happens, and it doesn't mean I'm being insincere either. Somehow, without meaning to, I find the part of myself that recognizes them on their ground. Problem is, few people know how to see me on mine.

INFJ-"political survivors" which is why its frustrating when people blast something potentially offensive in a crowded or public situation.

INFJ User Guide | marissabaker.wordpress.com

INFJ User Guide

INFJ User Guide yes because if you ask books a question they'll answer

I think this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read.

I hold my tongue in a lot and choose to remain silent because I have the power to ruin people with my words.

INFJ User Guide | marissabaker.wordpress.com

INFJ User Guide

Congratulations on the procurement your new INFJ!* INFJs are highly sought after in the personality type collecting world given their extremely rare nature. INFJ spotting is a very difficult hobby,…

love hate texts, i don't have to talk to people, but I don't know if there is something they are hiding

OMG So damn true. Causes way too much (needless) anxiety. Wish I could figure out how to turn this off but it's so intrinsic.

This is a trait of my personality that is very predominant.  I tend to use images to "write" a story or poem. I do this with a lot of my boards :')

INFJ facts: INFJs often "think" by way of images rather than words. Their intuitions often manifest in the form of symbols, images, dreams or patterns.

INFJ - Confession 9.--Not always though, if I react I'll have a response, but it won't be pretty.

INFJ - Confession Conflict is overstimulating for my sensitive, introverted system. You may experience this as the "INFJ freeze." I have heard you, but my mind is paralyzed and I have no idea what to say back. So I sit there, staring, in silence.

INTP. Stop listening to what you think I'm saying and listen to the words actually coming out of my mouth - I choose them carefully.

“ I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant”― Alan Greenspan