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"Put 'em up. Put 'em up!" Try outs for the Wizard of Oz...

Funny pictures about It's The Eye Of The Tiger. Oh, and cool pics about It's The Eye Of The Tiger. Also, It's The Eye Of The Tiger photos.

Tigre siberiana.

Growing up in Versailles, Ohio where the school mascot is a tiger made me partial to Tigers! What a beautiful animal they are! What a stunner. Mashka watch by *Eltasia



Winter Love - White tigers at Feline Park, France. By [Deadboxrunner] white tiger love

Snow leopard

The Endangered Snow Leopard ~ The snow leopard is a large cat native to mountain ranges in Central and South Asia

Having a paddle

Having a paddle

Johore Tiger

Top 10 Brilliant Wild Animals Photos By Natalie Manuela Nature, Animals, Wildlife: The Beauty at one place

(2) Одноклассники

sixpenceee: “A tiger’s tongue is very coarse. It can lick flesh to the bone.

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I lucked out - these humans brought cameras instead of rifles. Cameras are the only way to 'shoot' animals.



So cute ❤

So cute ❤

"So very beautiful"

Beautiful tiger but I wish photographers would stop photoshopping big cats' eyes to shocking blue! None of the big cats have blue eyes. The closest to blue is the Snow Leopard whose gray tawny eyes sometimes show a little blue green.

White cheetah

Snow Leopard Blue Eye - High quality htc one wallpapers and abstract backgrounds designed by the best and creative artists in the world.