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celery bread

The cure for the common bread: Celery bread. Delicious homemade bread filled with celery, roasted celery and raisins.

Sage and onion tear and share bread #hairy_bikers #bread #yeast

Sage and onion tear and share bread

IMG_1705  Celery apple salad with Roasted Mushrooms

I want to like celery. I want to be able to just take an entire raw stalk of celery and eat it without a gag reflex and think that it was good, because it is, after all, so good for yo…

Jennie's Roasted Celery And Mushrooms Recipe on Food52 recipe on Food52

Jennie's Roasted Celery And Mushrooms

Roasted Celery with Mushrooms from Best Celery Recipes. I'm going to try to decrease the oil a lot, but looks great otherwise.

Replace The Sugar With Splenda. Use Almonds, Walnuts. Use Dark Chocolate, Grind The Oats To Make "oat Flour" And Instead Of Using Canola Oil, Use Coconut Oil, Or Replace The Oil With 3 T. I Also Add 1 T.

Chinese sesame balls

Sesame Balls-Jian Dui

Famous dim sum fried sesame balls made with glutinous rice flour and filled with red bean paste; Also known as Jian Dui in Chinese.

Besides its unique, bright red color, the flavor of Beet Bread sets it apart from any other bread Ive tasted.

Beet Bread

Beet Bread - A delicious (and fun-colored!) free-form loaf made with raw beets.

An unfloured surface provides some traction, so it’s easy to roll the dough very thin.

Flaky Bread

How to Make Addictive Flaky Bread—Plus Dips! How to Make Addictive Flaky Bread—Plus Dips!

Yotam Ottolenghi's swiss chard and celery gratin: 'Lovely with lemon-infused roast chicken.' Photograph: Colin Campbell for the Guardian. Fo...

Stalk show: Yotam Ottolenghi's celery recipes

Yotam Ottolenghi's Swiss Chard & Celery Gratin: 'Lovely with lemon-infused roast chicken.

beef recipe with celery Chinese recipe

A simple healthy Chinese recipe: stir fried beef mince with celery