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Carmen's Adventures In Parenting: Funny eCards and Funny Pics: silence is golden except from children.

Nap Time Confessions

So True! Funny Apology Ecard: Just as an FYI, I won't be needing naps anymore. Good luck getting your shit done while I'm awake!

God didn't create marriage and motherhood to complete our hearts, He already promises to do this for us. The truth is simple, I am not just a mother. It has taken a while for me to learn that ther...

I don't need a big, fancy vacation. I'd be happy with a trip to the bathroom by myself. Vacation would be nice too

The inner monologue of a pinner.....

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: The Inner Monologue of a Pinner: 'I want to sew!' 'Wait, is that a mason jar?' 'Oh f*ck it, now I want cake.

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Parenting - children - funny: Screaming no longer fazes me. I now only get up for children at the sound of broken glass or the smell of smoke.

This made me lol!

Just when you think you might be feeling good about your Mommy skills, a trip to the store with your kids can put you back in your place real quick. definitely been there